March Madness

Dear friends and family,

What a mad month March has been.

In Oakland, California, we've been in social distancing lockdown for two weeks. Today, we learned we will be in lockdown for another five weeks.

And, we are the lucky ones.

No one we know has gotten sick. No one we know has lost their job.

But still, it’s scary. No one knows what will happen.

Our daughter is home from college, doing classes on line. Not gonna lie. It’s nice to have her home, but it’s weird. She shouldn't be here right now.

My brother, who lives a couple of miles away, has moved in with us rather than ride out the lockdown alone. Not gonna lie. Its nice to have him here, too. But it’s weird. We only see each other this much during the holidays. And this is definitely not a holiday.

And yet, here we are. Trying to make the best of it—not just for ourselves, but also for everyone else.

There’s more to share about our experiences and I’ll be back soon with more thoughts, but until then good night, sleep well, I’ll most likely see you in the morning.

Love, Leslie

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